E Komo Mai! (Welcome!) to our 2022 Season

Nā Koa Kai Canoe Club 

Nā Koa Kai, “Sea Warriors”, Hawaiian words that describe our founding members and their passion for the Hawaiian culture and hoeana waʽa (Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling). This youth only cultural immersion program was founded by Uncle Gus and Auntie Casey in November of 2011.  This Hawaiian outrigger canoe club is a IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to perpetuating the Hawaiian and Pacific Islander culture and fostering our youth with a lifestyle of health wellness.

If you love a super fun atmosphere full of aloha your nā ʻŌpio (Youths) love the water then they should come out and try paddling a Hawaiian outrigger canoe.  We are the premier Hawaiian outrigger canoe club in San Diego for youths.  We are a one of kind Hawaiian cultural immersion program based around the Hawaiian canoe.  Through a variety of programs, we teach and practice the Hawaiian culture.  You will learn all the commands to paddle an outrigger canoe in the Hawaiian Language.  You will learn outrigger canoe paddle chants.  You will also learn a great deal of history about the Hawaiian canoe.  You will have the opportunity to travel to Hawaiʽi and experience many more cultural activities first-hand.  Come experience the essence of aloha and live the spirit of the Hawaiian culture through Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling in San Diego.

Please visit our Membership page for more information on becoming a member.