There are many traditions and customs surrounding the sport of outrigger canoeing.  Many of these are based on the Hawaiian tradition of aloha, spirit, respect for your teammates, equipment, customs of the sport, and safety on and off the water.  Our members learn and practice these traditions, and take the spirit of respect back into their daily lives.

Parts Of The Hawaiian Canoe

‘aha (braided or twisted cord used in lashing the canoe)

  • ama (float/ outrigger)
  • ‘iako (spars, boom)
  • lupe (bow end of ama)
  • kanaka (stern end of ama)
  • kuamo‘o (hull, keel)
  • manu hope (stern end piece)
  • manu ihu (bow end piece)
  • mo‘o (gunwale)
  • nohona (Seat)
  • pale kai (splash board)
  • wae (spreaders)
  • wa‘a (canoe)
  • Momoa (Nohona wa‘a ‘ehiku – where your personal Aumakua sits)