Health Wellness

Our health and wellness program for youth is an essential element of our paddling programs. Aerobic exercise such as outrigger canoe paddling plays an important role in health wellness. Our program offers low impact land and aquatic exercise activities that promote cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength, and muscular endurance. Regular exercise and proper nutrition can reduce the risk of chronic diseases associated with obesity.

Benefits of regular exercise include:

•           Improvements in mental health and mood
•           Helps manage weight
•           Promotes better sleep
•           Strengthens bones and muscles
•           Reduces risk of Cardiovascular Disease
•           Reduces risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome


Nā Koa Kai Canoe Club has several six-person Hawaiian outrigger canoes, one two-person Hawaiian outrigger canoe, and several standup paddleboards.  We also have portable exercise equipment and a local gym where our youth exercise on rowing machines, sleds, ropes, pull up bars, and other gym equipment.


Physical health and nutrition are important parts of youth development.  These adolescent and teenage years are the learning years when they learn to develop good hygiene, health, and physical fitness habits they may carry into adulthood.  It has been scientifically proven that a sound mind and body fosters a far better learning environment and a higher quality of life. Our program encourages youth to consume nutrient-rich foods that provide a balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins to fuel them properly through their daily lives. We also encourage them to achieve at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Our youth are taught to read and understand food labels. This skill helps them better understand their caloric, sodium, sugar, and serving size intake. They also develop a better understanding of micronutrients found in food that nourish your body and keep you healthy.

This program is a prerequisite for our “Mālama Maui Program”.