Mālama Maui

Our Mālama Maui program is a field trip to the island of Maui Hawaiʻi where our keiki’s bring together everything they have learned in the other courses and experience it first-hand on the island of Maui Hawaiʻi from local cultural leaders.

Just a few of the many activities they will experience include:

  • Working on an ancient fish pond
  • Harvesting kalo, Ti leaves, banana, and pineapple
  • Poi pounding
  • Planting Koa Trees
  • Working on the fabrication of a Koa canoe
  • Exploring Maui’s double hull voyaging canoe
  • Paddling with local canoe clubs
  • Exploring Maui’s reef life
  • Visiting Haleakala National Park
  • Visiting Iao Valley
  • Hiking in ancient bamboo forest
  • Cultural workshops with local cultural leaders
  • Experiencing the Hana rainforest